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Festival Hoodies or Bajas were originally popularised by hippies and surfers from the United States, who ventured into Mexico in search of a better waves and an easy going lifestyle. The warm material, tough cloth and exciting range of colours made it an instant success quite apart from an economical,  investment.

All the material used to make the hoodies is reclaimed and recycled from t-shirts and other fabrics making them a sustainable, eco-friendly garment.  However, this does not in any way compromise their quality.  They are warm, hard-wearing and a popular choice among festival goers and bikers, who wear them under their leathers.  They are a perfect for cool evenings.


This is a unisex garment and as such we recommend using the table in PRODUCT INFO as a guide when purchasing.  As with all Unisex garments the sleeves may be a little long for ladies, but they can be worn scrunched or turned, under or over to the required length.

Festival Hoodie